FX:EURJPY   Euro / Japanese Yen
After the previous daily time at mode expiration, price reacted starting a complex correction.
Price target had been exceeded, confirming it was time to exit the short.
Now after correcting and getting a new daily downtrend signal, we're close to that signal's target, but away from the time expiration (dashed red horizontal line is this daily target, vertical light green line is the confluence of the larger weekly downtrend time target and the last daily downtrend time target expiration date).
I expect the euro             to outperform the Pound, and this chart justifies this idea, since the GBPJPY             chart has ample room to fall, and a different timing and price action.

Rgmov doesn't show any new lows since March 13th, and suggests we might see a bounce soon.
CCI might show a new divergent low, in the form of the red dashed line daily target zone being reached, which I think is a potential reversal area, ideal for a short term long entry to ride the correction, to then fade the top of said corrective rally if price action indicates so.

If we reach the vertical green dashed line time target while above the dashed green line bearish target, we might see a stronger correction or reversal in this pair.
Trade closed: target reached
Wave 1,2,3,4 complete, apparently.
Placed a limit buy at 133.849.
Might be the start of a strong uptrend...If price crosses above the mode above, we can expect it to cruise higher and higher for an extended period.
Target hit...

Now what?

My take: If above it, potentially in the presence of a large scale reversal gentlemen.
Correction target almost hit.
This chart pretty much matches eurusd.
The move up is proving to be a trend reversal, might as well try to board the train before it's too late.
Watching for a long entry.
IvanLabrie IvanLabrie
Let's wait to see what the reaction is when meeting my horizontal resistance above.
Preferred entry @ 131.00?
IvanLabrie PriceActionTrading
Let's wait for the BOJ...They will show us the way today.
Seems like missed opportunity for me. Looking to buy @ 127.00? W1 slight bullish pin bar.
IvanLabrie PriceActionTrading
I'm not buying now, I'm using this bullish target as a short signal.
Once time expires, and price isn't reached, it'll suggest a bearish bias and a nice turn.