A pattern that 90% of traders do wrong

FX:EURJPY   Euro / Japanese Yen
Many analysts, seeing the butterfly pattern , offered a sell signal and avoided the intervention of interbank and broker companies.
As I pointed out, this information comes at a time when many people are putting the s/l (A) in the upper areas
It is visible to Inter banks, and on the other hand, these banks have the ability to fluctuate in the market.
And now, by injecting money into the market, it has changed the trend and touched the traders's/losses and made them lose money.

After the break of the trend line , the behavior of traders is still predictable for the interbank because the majority is expecting an upward trend and their stop loss is again at point (B) and they fall into the trap of these banks again and the trend by Inter banks decreases. Shifting and stopping touches touch and hurt everyone.
So what is the way of salvation?
The only way is to get along with these banks.

I have identified the possible points that 90% of traders May be do not see.


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