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Trading Strategy: Martin Momentum

Update: This is a very good video for those of you who already have or are considering the Martin Momentum Strategy indicators. This video will show you how to manage your risk and get into trades with extra confirmation. You can enter in with 33% - 66% and 99% confirmation using this strategy. Use this with the Martin Momentum indicators below and watch your winning trades increase! Get the indicators we're using for Martin Momentum Strategy below and I'll add them to your TradingView account today!

Get the 6 indicators below for the Martin Momentum Strategy
Martin Momentum Lines
Martin Trend Meter
Martin Stochast Trend
Martin Support and Resistance
Martin Drop Coming
Martin Rise Coming

View the Full Martin Momentum Strategy Tutorial:

Martin Trend Trader Strategy Indicator
Martin Trend Trader

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Dear God Almighty.... The reply button for practice trade... I was an idiot the whole time, ha ha ha... Yep, this is it... It's all I ever wanted... A great set of tools, indicators, and ability to replay all the markets to practice my skill at the time of my choosing till I get it right...

Thank you so so much, you have no idea my man, how much this is gonna help me...

Please don't ever stop doing what you are doing...

Much gratitude...
@bakaro, Thanks for all the kind words :) When I found out about the replay button it was a God send! lol I will sit down with some coffee or hot cocoa and spend hours trading as if the market is live and testing strategies, it's a blast and a great way to practice trading before going into the live market.

Cheers mate!
What do you say to the people who claim only few pros have a higher than 50% win rate ?
@MattGraham, Great question! I watch about 2 webinars a week form pro traders on TV and other international traders and I also have a great friend who is one of the best traders in Europe and they teach that if you have a 50% winning strategy you are among the top traders. They are also using a 1:2 risk reward ratio which means they are always coming out on top. Since we are using a 1:1 we are able to see a large increase with the momentum we use. I said that in the video since that's what I learned from these pro traders. Hope this helps! Cheers mate :)