$EURUSD: Waiting Yellen speaking....

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Today the calendar is scheduled the Yellen speaking, and this event will put the dollar in the spotlight (and all related currencies ). Until now, even after reading the minutes, we have two key aspects:

- The Fed does not like a dollar too strong
- Economic data releases are less strong than expected

These values are in support of maintaining the current interest rates. We argue that the Fed will keep rates low until at least September, if not until December.
In trading is difficult to have the "certainties", but what we can say is that in the medium to long term, the divergence of the central banks (FED and ECB) should maintain this dollar supported against the major currencies .
Only "contradiction" is that the expansionary monetary policy of Draghi will attract many investors and this could "restrict" the weakness of euro             against dollar (medium-long term).
It will be important to monitor the CPI             ( inflation )!!!!

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$EURUSD:  Interesting structure in construction

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thank you wery much
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Very good study-
It is in the same way that my study of DX. This indice is in a congestion area and trying to retest 93.670.
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we did a lot of analysis on the dollar index, if you can be helpful: :)
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I appreciate your analysis. In my view as I red the last press release of FOMC from the last meeting the rate hike will take place as you said probably in September (or in the last quarter. I do not know how the market will react during today's speeche from Yellen, for sure I will watch carefully the CPI. However my view is long for EUR/USD til 1.18 event 1.20. At middle summer if targets confirmed I will look to short EUR/USD til 1:1. Have a nice trading.
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like to see, we have a similar view!
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I am thinking as well, FED could send a signal to the market increasing rate by the minimal 0.50 or less to cool down the share market. She made a comment about the high level few weeks ago.
On the other part BCE is increasing the QE to prevent summer time and Greece is far from getting things sorted. Lets see. By the way nice work SignalSuisse
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agree .... agree..... agree..... :)
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Mo6e AndrewHook
Thank for that piece of information. I missed on my fundamental the piece of "cooling down the share market.
Thank you for sharing signal, Good Luck :)
SignalSwiss TOP moneymaking
we do not need luck! ... but stop loss !! :) :) Fortunately we can also put it in breakeven !! :) :) Happy trading Moneymaking!
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pmmpindy SignalSwiss
im confused, is everyone going Bullish on Monday?
it was amazing analysis...
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SignalSwiss TOP samed.karsanbas
Thanks Samed!!
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good job sir ,is the graphic still valid after Yellen spoken ? thank you
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I don't get why you are relying so heavily on news, and not following the chart's progression. The leg price must currently retract is from 13 april-18 april. Now look at daily chart, where was big support gained? See you there.
SignalSwiss TOP TradeVulture
probably you are not able to do it! :) ... but I think this will not be a big problem to you, right? ... good luck!
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TradeVulture SignalSwiss
9 days ahead of the curve, even called the reversal...damn near to the pip. (follow progression first touches baby)
EURUSD: First Touch of Support Lost
IvanLabrie PRO TradeVulture
You can time volatility using news, whilst relying on the chart to predict the direction. What causes the price to fluctuate are real events and real people, not just patterns.
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