KILL BRAINCELLS and BRAINWASH - the effects of TV programs today

OANDA:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Here we have 2 charts of the same pairing and timeframe 1 is zoomed out so you can see how strong the support level is, and 1 is zoomed all the way in so you can see how the candles are acting around this level.

We don't really need to talk about the 1st chart because it is clear as day, The 2nd chart you can see that price has really struggled to break and close below this level.

PURPLE ARROW- We can see that price finally broke and closed below this level, the bearish candle had a biggish body but also had a long lower shadow which means buyers came back into play and wanted to push price higher and back above this level, The next 2 candles confirmed this with 2 bullish candles forming.

From here we can only see price push higher after price failed to break such a key and strong support level .

See how easy it is to spot these levels, and how they work so well? so why cant everyone find these?? Probably all these reality programs they watch on TV, I caught 5 minutes of SHIPWRECKED on TV the other day and I swear it made me loose half my brain cell count, it should be called BRAINWRECKED not SHIPWRECKED! The people on there are so thick... and this is what our kids are growing up watching... we really have no hope ;p

This is just another tactic used by the government to dumb the people of the nation down and turn them into braindead zombies, get them watching dumb stuff on TV like that, because if they are watching that they believe this airhead behaviour is normal and they are staying in line and cant be learning anything else that may help them break out of the straight jacket we want them in.

Back to the trade hahahahhahahhahahah..... We are long on this trade incase you hadn't already gathered that from our analysis, and if you hadn't got this from our analysis then TURN ON THE TV AND WATCH SOME MORE REALITY PROGRMAS YOU IDIOT ;P