CLOSED TRADE: EURUSD: BUY@1.11407 Bat TP1 Hit (+49 pips)

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Well, it's unfortunate that I chose to pause this trade pre-NFP because as you can see, it would've worked out beautifully! Such is the power of TECHNICAL analysis that I was able to predict this move up waaaayy before the NFP happened. Not that fundamentals aren't important. They are. But more often than not, the technical analysis ends up correct. Well, enough about that. I'm not trying to stoke any debate about technical vs. fundamental here.

Anyway, My trading plan precluded me from trading during the NFP so I did not and sometimes, this happens that I miss out on a nice move. No matter. So now both completed bats both hit TP1 and TP2. I'm not listing the TP profits here since I didn't make any of it. For those that were brave enough (or foolish enough) to stay in during the NFP, congrats to you cause you made a nice quick boatload of pips! Me? I got my little +49 pips I locked in before the NFP. Oh well, better +49 pips than none!

But this trade is now done and closed. Now to just wait for the next move....
Year-to-date Profits: +4277 pips.
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good call
Nice work boss +49 pips is awesome.
Yeah, I'll take it. Thanks!
Thank u
how many pips do you get monthly?
EverythingForex PRO CarlosOrtellado
I don't disclose any personal information. I also wonder why people need to ask such a question? Is it because you want to know if I am worth following? Is that why people ask this? If someone were wanting to be my private client and they would need to pay me for my services, then it's a legit question And I would answer. But here, when I am giving out FREE posts? I don't get it.....

If anyone wants to know if I am "worth" following, all you need to do is go through all my previous posts and judge for yourself.
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me 53 pips, well done BOSS,
Do you think the bat pattern that caused this big move or the news ( us bad news) ?
thank you
adloule adloule
*(USD bad news)
The news doesn't cause anything. It's the trader's REACTION to the news that causes price movements. Same thing for the bat pattern. Pattern's don't cause anything to happen. They only SHOW price movement possibilities. I say this because I think this is important to understand and know the difference. Then you will realize that price action is the only thing that matters. Not news. Not patterns. Every tool we use as technical traders and every fundamental explanation is only about trying to understand price action. The problem with fundamentals is that you can only use it to in a reactionary way. With each news release, there is just so much conflicting opinions that it is impossible to make a good judgement from it. You can only react after knowing the facts. As technical traders, we use things like patterns to help us predict what has the highest probability of happening next based on past actions. This is what patterns are used for. They put something easily recognizable on the numbers. That's really all they do. The numbers have always been there but not easy to read and understand. But again, they and the numbers can only give us a small "edge" in predicting what will happen next. They are not perfect as they are as I said, based on past actions and results. Yes, past does repeat itself. But remember, all price movements are based on the trader's reactions and subsequent buying and selling that causes prices to move. And we all know that most trader's take actions based on 2 emotions: fear and greed. Not logic. So that is why basing future price movements on past actions is not perfect solution either. But we also know that humans and our reactions to things do tend to repeat over and over again. Why? Because humans are creatures of habits. We tend to do things that we have always done and it's very hard for us to change our ways. So that is why we can expect to some degree that past reactions (price movements) will repeat themselves given similar circumstances. This is what patterns are good for. Putting a recognizable face on those repeatable circumstances. Therefore, giving us a window into the mind of the traders and thusly: future price movements.

I hope I am not being too philosophical here and that what I am trying to say is clear enough and makes sense to you and all who read this.
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adloule EverythingForex
thanks a lot for your answer
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Thank you
Favorite trader on Tv by FAR
thanks for constantly making amazing posts
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you're welcome
Hello man!
wave (e) exceeded (c) so therefore triangle invalidated. Would you label it as ABC now?
Why would you say that the triangle is invalidated? Ending leg (e) in any triangle CAN exceed the (c) point in what is called an "overthrow". This in fact is very common. It does not invalidate a triangle at all. In fact, when that happens, it actually makes the resulting opposite move even more strong. As you can see is playing out right now. Think of it this way.

Why does "overthrows" happen? Think about it. When prices break through what was formerly a TL of the triangle pattern, what do traders automatically think? Remember, through the first 4 legs of the triangle, prices have been just going sideways and consolidating, right? So that means that prices are coiling for a breakout, right? And the more they coil, the more the expected breakout will be, right? So when prices do "breakout" and break through the TL (upper TL in this case), there are more than likely trade orders (buy orders in this case) sitting there waiting to be triggered. Also, keep in mind although I labeled this consolidation as a triangle and also I labeled the abcde of the triangle as I did, there are probably many, many traders who did not see it as a triangle or maybe labeled it differently than I did. Maybe they had been playing it as an ABC-type pattern as you are suggesting. Who knows? But one things for sure, not EVERYBODY has labeled it the way I did. There needs to be differences of opinions in order for there to be price movements and in order for the market to exist. Anyway, when prices broke through that upper TL, those buy orders got filled thus driving prices higher and then when still other traders saw the TL being broken, they also jumped in and bought thinking prices were just going to go higher now. Of course, the data from the NFP exacerbated the buying frenzy driving prices even higher. This is what happened to make wave (e) jump "over" the (c) point in an "overthrow". Me being a technical trader, I believe that news data has already been accounted for in the chart. So this "spike" resulting from the NFP was nothing but irrational, emotional overreaction. Therefore, it is my opinion that the rise in prices due to the NFP could not continue. Thus, I anticipated that prices would come back down.

This is EXACTLY how "overthrows" in wave (e) of triangles work. This in no way invalidates a triangle. Technically speaking, there also is no such "rule" that says that when wave (e) violates the (c) point of a triangle, that triangle is invalidated. Yes, it may seem contradictory to see wave (e) exceed the (c) point and still maintain that this is a triangle but remember, in charting, we don't see "triangles" in a purely geometric way. They are nothing but something use to help us visualize the waves and to help us to anticipate the next moves. Nothing more than that. So therefore, they do not need to be a "perfect" looking triangle to be a triangle.
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gbfx9 EverythingForex
Perfect write up and tutorial. I think i'm learning new things today... these are hidden treasure...thanks.
Sokow PRO EverythingForex
I have to correct you.
It is a RULE that wave E never exceeds the termination point of wave C.

Excerpt from Elliott Wave Principle by Prechter & Frost:
"Contracting Triangle
- Wave C never moves beyond the end of wave A, wave D never moves beyond the end of wave B, and wave E never moves beyond the end of wave C." (page 90)

Therefore it NEVER can be a triangle anymore.

The overshoot is mentioned as an overshooting of the A-C TRENDLINE but NOT wave C.
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First, I will say you are 100% correct that in Elliott terms, this is not a "Elliott" contracting triangle anymore according to Elliott wave rules. And yes, that is a rule in Elliott Wave Theory. So if you are referring to Elliott contracting triangle, then yes, I stand corrected. But here's the thing, I never said it's a triangle based on Elliott Wave Theory rules.

One of the things about the way I trade is that I do not steadfastly follow everything that Elliott Wave Theory lays down for every situation. There are many "holes" in Elliott Wave Theory that cannot explain every situation without coming up with some "extra" theorem that ends up sounding more like a "justification" than anything else. DO I play loose and fast with Elliott Wave rules? I admit. Sometimes it seems that what I am doing is that. But The number one rule that I follow above all else is this theory: The "KISS" theory. I find that Elliott Rules sometimes over-complicates things unnecessarily. When a much simpler explanation applies. This is why I never refer to myself as an "Elliottician". My methods don't qualify me for that.

So yes, you are correct that this is not an Elliott contracting triangle. Is it a triangle? If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck. Maybe it's a happy coincidence that prices are working out like I am expecting it to and NOT the way Elliott rules would have them work out. Maybe I am wrong in my wave count. Could be and I have been re-analyzing the price action to see what I might've missed. Or see what has changed This is something Elliotticians do ALL the time. They keep changing their wave counts accroding to the latest price action. Nothing wrong with that. But that just goes to show that Elliott Wave Theory is not an EXACT science. YO umust keep re-adjusting your counts to "fit" the price action. Sounds like justification to me. Again, nothing wrong with that because none of the tools we currently have at our disposal can accurately predict future price action.

So back to the original point. Is this a triangle? Does it matter? I played wave (e) as the way it is and am making pips because I did. If I wait to re-analyze the price action and try to find a perfect "fit" according to Elliott wave rules, guess what? I would missed the move and missed out on the pips. I'm guessing you probably didn't take that short trade. Maybe you did. I don't know.I could explain (justify) my actions using a dozen other ways. But what is the end result? That is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING! Not if the wave count was 100% correct. This is why I don't refer to myself as an Elliottician nor do I say my wave counts are Elliott wave counts. In my way of thinking, it's simple. As long as my wave count leads me to be on the right side of the market, it does not matter that it is 100% accurate.
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gbfx9 EverythingForex
Price and market action matters a lot in our trading, i guess, the combination of price action and patterns work well.....thanks again
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