FX_IDC:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
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26 mins ·

EUR/USD             hit Our recommendation stops 50 pips & With this pain We will come more harder on it like emoticon
We are More better confident Bearish at the moment & We better know when we have to switch Our view. What we see , We execute !!!
I am Not impressed with Euro             such behaviour because I know Its the phase wave (IV) which most of the time act like this and always give tough time to get further drift momentums.
I Have put the whole chapter into GAINT TRIANGLE with 5 Double zigzag legs while each zigzag leg contain 3 single zigzags.
This whole chapter with 20% wedges gives us the clue the whole pattern is corrective and Still we are in the impulsive momentum to the downside.
Upcoming Movements :
(1) Market will drop on monday at 1.0850 w
(2) Market will Rise from 1.0850 and go 1.0900-1.0925 x
(3) Market will again drop from 1.0920 to 1.0790 y (D)
(4) Market will rise from 1.080 again and go 1.0866 w
(5) Market will drop to 1.0840 again down x
(6) Market will rise to last final 1.0930 y (E) (IV)
(7) Market Will collapse to 1.0390
Our invalidations Lies at 1.100 or more important is 1.1035
1.100 price close up will damage us temperory if happened.
We are in wave (IV) and we believe from 1.0933 last wave (E) leg a Collapse even Bigger throw downside coming even for target 1.00
Trading Recommendations :
We will stay patience and will Sell near 1.0900-1.0930 oN US sessions and will place stop 1.0990 and will target 1.0800
We will accept stop loss if happens and never ever drag stops , will use 1% risk and will trade 1 order only with mind having the words Hope is not a strategy in Forex Markets. like emoticon
Man, appreciate your efforts to create this posts. There is lot of labeling in there & I guess it will take significant time of yours, so thank you for posting here with all your efforts. Keep it up bro.