EU Short *Update*

FX:EURUSD   Euro Fx/U.S. Dollar
78 3 2
Will short if it gets to this green line or above.

Remember, we are looking for the highest probability here so if it does not meet our requirements WE DO NOT TAKE THE TRADE. I would rather pass up a 50% trade and make sure i get in on a 85% trade
If you are a conservative trader wait for 50MA to cross below 100MA and for candle to close below the cross.

Good luck and may the pip be with you :)
Hi there 2Greedy.
Thanks for your analysis.
If you could be more Specific as to where the "Line" you are talking about is as well as the actual strategy you are using and where our take profits and stop losses should go etc.
Please don't take offense from this
2Greedy LAMBO77
Hi Lambo,

Sorry I did not mention the exact line I was referring to...it has been fixed.
I use many strategies and will post them as they appear to me. This one is about MA convergance with the use of s/r lines.

Stop loss should always be behind the previous high and you should move it to breakeven as soon as you can. Take profit depends on how far EU decides to drop down. I will update everyone in the chat as the trade progresses.

Happy trading!
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LAMBO77 2Greedy
Thanks for that 2Greedy :)
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