EURUSD Dont Miss The Sell

OANDA:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar

Hello everyone:

Finally we are seeing some confirmation from the USD strength, and I have been patiently waiting for the right price action to develop.

Here on EURUSD , we are seeing a nice double tops from the price as it correct itself in the ascending channel reversal.

We see a Head and Shoulder developed, and strong bearish breakout from the price.

Naturally, waiting for a lower time frame correction here would be ideal to look for the sell entries down to the lows.

thank you
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Hey Jojo! thank you for this. But when do you place your Stop order? I mean what if it just forms a small continuation and then start the next impulse and doesn't really form the shape that you've drawn!
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jojofang0901 LiL_Misix
@LiL_Misix, That all depends on what the correction would develop and form. Of course I would not have any idea how big, small the correction would form, the drawing is all an estimate. Thats why its best to have your own plan to enter when the price develops. The actual entry, SL and management all depends on what the price action will form.
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LiL_Misix jojofang0901
@jojofang0901, hmm thank you!
I have the same viev on EURUSD
Well done!
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jojofang0901 SignalProvider
@SignalProvider, yea, lets see how next week develop :)
good idea thanks for sharing
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jojofang0901 FranckDuquette
@FranckDuquette, your welcome
great job. thanks really I didn't pay attention to the big time frame
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jojofang0901 tiger_ksa
@tiger_ksa, yea, multi-time frame, top down approach can give us a better view and overall direction :)
Logical chart !
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