EURUSD 4HR Bull Bat Pattern/Learn To Trade The Cypher Correctly

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*IF YOU"RE LOOKING FOR THE CORRECT RULES ON HOW TO TRADE THE CYPHER PATTERN PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE POST. ..It's been a busy week on the Euro             , with the next big potential setup being a bullish bat pattern completion if the market pushes down to the 1.0527s area. I put on initial targets so that you guys have an idea of where to look for but remember that targets must be adjusted with current price action so there's no telling if they will be there for sure .

Below is a link to video i recorded illustrating this very same setup. I don't like sharing links on Tradingview because I don't want to be "that guy" but if you click the link in the info section of my youtube video it will take you to the recorded sessions from the FREE workshop I ran this week. On Day 4 I taught traders how to correctly trade the Cypher pattern . Please check it out .

"This Week on the EURUSD" https://youtu.be/XdkX-BoGFPw


Thanks Akil For these Good Post! Very Inspiring! And Love the Workshop its Very Helpful!!!
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Akil_Stokes PRO francis.guglia
Thank you
Same idea i entered at the C point and will be looking to buy at the bat completion

EURUSD-agressive C sell? possible scenario-short then buy
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Akil_Stokes PRO FullTimeTrader
Hey akil, great webinar for day 4 workshop. Thanks for sharing and good luck!!
Akil_Stokes PRO moneymaking
Thank you it was fun as always. Looking forward to wrapping things up today. Then I may be going dark for a while
Same here
There's a butterfly there in too , looks like a strong zone to go bullish.
Trading_Accuracy Trading_Accuracy
Yes, I charted this potential setup on EURUSD and EURGBP early yesterday.
I will most likely be putting a couple trade units on each of them.
The Euro needs a breather and now would be a good time... but the general downtrend is nagging me.
I do believe we will hit the first target however.
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Hi Akil, this one worked like a charm. Thanks for you good work!
Akil_Stokes PRO Mincealors99
Thanks, I'm not sure how it's worked like a charm yet, but I appreciate the comment!
hi Akil. enjoyed the 5 day training last week . all the best too you :)
I've seen others post different ranges, including my Gartley scanner, I'm trying to figure which zone is correct but that might be due to your broker spread as well..
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The broker spread won't have anything to do with it. Possibly the data feed though if it's one of those instances where a single pip or so can mean the difference between a valid pattern and an invalid one. As far as ranges go, I know many traders will look for many different things. My best advice is to follow the rules that you've set out for yourself and that you've spend all of those hours testing and ignore what everyone else does, including myself.
hi Akil, i check that green candle at C leg is close above 88.6 retracement, is it still valid for bat pattern?
Hi Akil,
Still following this one closely I assume - perhaps already Long (depending on your entry strategies).. ;).
The nice little DB trigger (from a lower timeframe successful gartley) did not go un-noticed I'm sure.
That combined with core retail/retail / PPI announcements being not as good as expected... we could be in for a nice little move up.

I initially came accross your chart by chance (as I was spotting the same) - look you and trade empowered up on the net. Good stuff!
It's nice to see such a positive and generous attitude.
Be well!
Nice chart. If only i have seen this earlier.
Akil_Stokes PRO PriceActionTrading
There will be plenty more opportunities
Neel_K PRO Akil_Stokes
I just saw this again.! Super!!!