FX:EURUSD   Euro Fx/U.S. Dollar

Euro             is going to go to parity likely in June, parity by end of may would be too early at this stage, but could be possible.

Why is eurusd             going to hit parity so soon:
-Technical Analysis:
--Bearish Divergence on daily RSI , just like it's seen on chart
--MACD crossed, and every time this happened, Euro             went down. you can see this going from july 2014 until now. very strong short signal
-ADX/DMI is about to get bear power, and Trend strength will get stronger
-CCI, while is not at lowest lows, shows trend convergence, so it will continue
-Stoch, shown in PTS(Price, trend, Stoch ), stoch is blue, will stay on lower lows like it did in january and march, for a couple of weeks at least.
-Price went below 55 EMA , so it will be bearish from now on.

-Fundamental Analysis:
--European Union is preparing for GREXIT, and even more, we could possibly see a BREXIT too
--IMF leaked details GREECE is preparing for exit in june 5th
--Dollar will get good US data, likely
--Possible rate hike in june by FED

Due to GREXIT or rake hike or both, EU will go to parity very likely, and even more, SUB-PARITY, we could see it in the 0.90s.
But there's a possibility FED will launch QE4/5, whatever it is it's count, and rate hike both at the same time.
Could lessen the EU falling, and that will make EU just touch parity.

I say stay short, likely no chance for a reversal, but chaos is likely to ensue in the next couple of months.
Stay tuned!
if parity is to happen technically
EURUSD, the bigger the picture-the better