EURUSD: Parity in sight.Central Banks race to the zero.

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
The pair is technically in the falling channel , and having passed the 1.10 level easily, which is telling, given it is a round number, one might deduce with a known degree of certainty that we are to see 1.5-1.4 level, the latter being the last meaningful resistance level before parity. By the way, parity means SPY reaches 400 at least, coz where do you think all the European money will be headed, with the Swiss Central Bank buying US equities for more than a year now, just to illustrate my point!

Should the Fed lower the interest rates in 2020, which is possible, we might see a slowdown in the fall of Euro ,
yet, if the recession hits the world, which is also a possibility, given that we are 12 years into the growth cycle, the parity is a done deal, coz everyone is going to run into the dollar.

The latter by the way gives more fuel to SPY so the index is to fold quite some time after the recession begins. (so, buy the dip, if there is one)

Guys, here is a mixed bag of my off the wall thoughts on the technicals and fundamentals of the two major currencies + SPY .

Really appreciate your opinion so share your thoughts below in the comments.

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I don’t know what about the SPY, but decent analysis anyway!
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BenMussenbaum NumenorTrading
@NumenorTrading, thank you!
comment here guys!
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I pray for this scenario!!! :)
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For how long do you think can the currency impulse keep the spy up after the recession hits? Half a year?
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BenMussenbaum CassidyWaterhouS
@CassidyWaterhouS, Half a year seems to be entirely possible. Depends on how you define the beginning of the recession.