Economic, geopolitic, monetary news. Issue No 7.

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1- New U.S. Navy Tomahawk Missile Now Runs on Corn

Looks like when we'll run out of good old oil we'll still be able to travel to space, project armies, launch all sorts of devices in the air.
"Los Alamos National Labs has come up with a replacement fuel for JP-10 that uses corn bran and other feedstocks instead of petroleum products. The result is a fuel that can be sourced directly from America’s most plentiful crop, bypassing foreign sources."
They claimed it would be cheaper than Oil . Maybe. All that corn is used for fructose sirup because it's cheap already.
Anyone seen The Informant! (2009)? It's about the lysine price-fixing conspiracy with a corporate director or whatever he was constantly lying to the FBI (or whoever was running the investigation).

Oh and what's left goes to feeding livestock, and then a tiny part goes to making tortillas or just selling as corn directly.

If Oil is free corn prices will fall but they won't be cheaper than free. It's all going to depend on Oil price.

+ Storage also of course as the world has learned a few months ago which might not be the same for both.
Oil is fat, it has more energy than ethanol (9 kcal/7kcal), not sure how much is in crude.

"As of May 2020, the rack price of ethanol was $0.75 versus $1.06 for unleaded 87–octane gasoline", 30% cheaper and 30% less energy in it.

The "experts" are saying ethanol is really terrible, not sure why. Because it takes space? Fertility rates are dropping and are even abysmal in the west, they're not very high in other countries either except black africa. And alot of people really want that Bill Gates vaccine? On an earth with 5 or less billion people it won't be a problem by the time we run out of oil (if that's not a hoax). The "greens" should push for de-urbanization, distributism, decentralization, working from home, and flying trams like in Japan. Then you won't need so much gazoline or ethanol.

2- New World Order: UN & BIS statements

From modern-liberalism site wikipedia:

"The New World Order or NWO in conspiracy theories is the hypothesis of a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.

The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states—and an all-encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails the establishment of the New World Order as the culmination of history's progress. Many influential historical and contemporary figures have therefore been alleged to be part of a cabal that operates through many front organizations to orchestrate significant political and financial events, ranging from causing systemic crises to pushing through controversial policies, at both national and international levels, as steps in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination."

Haha! "Conspiracy theory". Well that aged well.

Unelected UN secretary general for his 75th UN charter anniversary conference speech said that they saved the world from WW3, and has used covid (never let a good crisis go to waste) to show how important the UN role was, and that it showed we needed more of it.
He said the world needed a global governance (sounds alot like the "conspiracy theory"), and has criticized world powers for not playing along (Trump, Putin...). He has in particular whined that the P5 were not all present and it made things harder (China & USA, and also Russia France UK because they used to be relevant well they created it also).

"In the 21st century, Governments are no longer the only political and power reality."

The P5:
China is pro NWO (they want the USA to lose their power). The UN praise China.
France president previous job was at the Rothschild bank, and we had some of the strictest lockdown rules against the coronahoax. The UN praise France.

Russia wants to preserve christan white values, have banned Soros & Rothschilds from their country. ==> SANCTIONS AND MORE SANCTIONS AND MORE SANCTIONS.
The USA have Trump as president and he made it very clear he was a patriot anti globalists ==> Black Lives Matter and Antifa are starting a civil war.
The UK had Brexit, and the neo-marxist weihmar 2.0 party (using the name of the labour party) had its worse result in history ==> Stabbings, fights with police, etc.

Jeremy Corbyn brother is a "climate denier" and I bet Jeremy is too in reality.

BIS now: "Pandemic may have strengthened case for central bank digital currency" and also is urging central banks to speed up their own transitions/dev of digital currencies.

It's hard to impossible for a population to gain their freedom in a big country, logistics, getting together, etc...
Even worse look at the Kurds: betrayed by the west they did not get their country, now they are split in 4 countries.
4 different groups that speak different languages, what can they do?

Imagine a global world government, that also has total control over the money supply. Good luck.

The BIS and UN statements have come the same day. Just like "happytalism" but at least those were concerning the same thing.
It's always coordinated. "Conspiracy theory", oh and what else is a conspiracy theory? That Biden wants to give executive power in the USA to the democrats? How stupid are these people really? "Conspiracy theory".

3- PBOC refuses to monetize the debt or use negative rates

They say they want to use tools but moderate, without opening the flood gates, and are planning the exit in advance (I heard that before 😀 To be fair there is a big difference, the FED said "yeye sure we'll get out of it don't worry" that's not the same as having a plan).

And here we have it: "If the US Federal Reserve puts too much consideration on the "internal scenario" when making policies, it may hurt the global financial stability and lower the creditworthiness of the US dollar ."

Not new that China dislikes their too great dependency on the dollar and have been trying to separate from it and have bought plenty of gold .

So not much to say, they're avoiding going full insane. No money flood.

4- Non marxists jews are really starting to worry

Who could have seen this coming? Took them long enough. Plenty of jews, including lgbtxyz and worried now xd What'd you expect? "Kill all whites" "Oh no they're becoming radical Hitler might come back".

Some have emitted worries that all the violent racial rethoric was bringing whites together in a solidified group and you know, and so on.

"One of the reasons I’ve been worried about the current state of racial politics is the potential that it will drive aggrieved white people to the far right. Seems like an obvious problem but I rarely see people talking about it."

Weimar 2.0 can lead to Hitler 2.0. The west was confronted to Hitler thought, and learned to be afraid of it, they didn't learn to be afraid of Stalin. So maybe that's what will happen. Oh how fortunate that in january 2021 as a new US president takes office well intentionned people are coming to save us all with their new world order.

Maybe add them to genocide watch? Both jews and european whites.

5- Mexico pesos inflation & further rate cuts

Mexico does not care. Another western offshoot even thought they're not considered so. And another similar reaction.
Trying to look like Argentina, which also is a white western offshoot not considered so because reasons, that had great policies and also a great depression. Argentina literally has a german reich army, and all the nazis fled there, but hey, they're not part of the west. Logic. Mexico is aztec-spanish so it's arguable I guess. Still, pretty similar methods.

Mexico growth is predicted to be under -10% this year which is the non official requirement for a depression.

And China that isn't doing this, like other SEA nations. 20 years ago the west told them not to, and they learned. The west thought did not learn their own lesson.

Hey you remember that never ending sideways in 2018-2019? Ye that's over.

6- Companies end their Facebook ad contract, and FB decides they'll be censoring politicians they don't like

Large companies including Unilever (the company now based in London and made anti-Brexit bears look stupid) have terminated their ad contract with Facebook due to them refusing to censor Trump. It's at least for 1 month.

For Unilever it's the whole year. Statement:

Ben & Jerry (A Unilever product) have said "silence is racism" or something like that, and "We Must Dismantle White Supremacy".

Unilever has even rebranded some products in India under pressure from idiots that are always wrong and never learn in the USA xd

Advertisers are boycotting Twitter and Instagram too, but FB is what we heard most about. Other famous names include KO, Hershey , VZ .

Unilever is the world largest advertiser and they're a big chunk of internet platforms revenue. I don't know what the total share of all the boycotters is.

Big tech was the one sector pulling the US economy up, and away from a mega depression :)

I wonder who started with campaign. Oh, it happened to be the ADL, didn't see that coming.

"Provide audit of and refund to advertisers whose ads were shown next to content that was later removed for violations of terms of service. We have documented many examples of companies’ advertisements running alongside the horrible content that Facebook permits. That is not what most advertisers pay for, and they shouldn’t have to."

KO has an official statement on their website:

The Oligarchy wants social media to follow Stalin example and remove everything. Just a few months before the NWO is introduced.

The oligarchy shall not let Zuck not censor the US president, and "fight hate speech" (promote marxism, the nwo, the oligarchy).

Some companies have already started to drool and congratulate themselves on their power over social media.

And on the other side, the US executive have issued an order to punish social media over their censoring of conservatives, and the social media shield from 25 years ago (they're not publishers) is being rethought.

Trump also wants to modernize anti trust laws.

Trump wants to permanently "boycott" federal ads on social networks.

Stuck. Pulled from both sides!
If Trump wins FB TWTR etc will be in big big trouble xd . They must be praying for the democrats to win, presidency and congress, so at least they can survive.
No need to explain what could happen on an investment perspective. FB has thousands of advertisers thought. And not the first time they do this, or threaten to.
Huge companies will stop at nothing to preserve wageslavery. Even if dems win social media will be in trouble, it's expensive to run a Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. They have billions of users, but maybe they can use garbage algos like youtube? Having to refund advertisers thought xd This can only end well.

As you can expect, UNI have been criticized for not having enough blacks at the top, which is their fault of course.

So on 1 side we have the government, that is against regulations and against big government and pro business and pro profit.
On the other side we have big companies, oligarchs, that are pro marxist-stalinist ideas and want a bigger government and big control and censorship and anti-business, the boycott is called "Stop Hate for Profit".