FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
After US QE2 followed Operation Twist.
Operation Twist has an inverse effect of QE , by purchasing bonds, etc. without printing money to purchase it.
This means USD will appreciate and US equities go down.
On Operation Twist, EU goes down.
On QE3, EU goes slowly up. By the time they reduce the QE , EU starts to stabilize then go down.
On QE3 end, EU is already in downtrend, due to rumours/announcement of a future ECB QE on euro .
As expected, on ECB QE , Euro is going down. 1.2 -> 1. 05 so far.
If there are FOMC announcements today, that are bearish on usd, EU might see an up move, but it's not too solid.
Still, EU is likely to go down due to the magnitude of ECB QE . ECB QE has 1.2 trillion, a QE that is double compared to US QE1, or US QE2.
EU is expected to go down as much as EU went up on the full scale of US QE1 program with the exension included.
0.25 move is expected, and EU is likely to hit parity.
It can be a spike up then a solid down move, but what's sure is that EU is likely to continue its down movement.
This is the first month of ECB QE , and 6 months before march, EU fell from 1.35 to 1. 05 .
Expected scenarios:
1. EU going up because it's oversold, then going down slowly.
Expected up target 1.10-1.15 max
Expected down target 0.90. Bottom might be 0.80
2.Eu going down, no matter the conditions of oversold.
Expected up: 1.07-1.10
Expected down target: 0.90.Bottom might be 0.75-0.8.

Mid QE price target(end of 2015): 0.90-1.00
End QE price target( mid-end 2016): 1.10-1.20, 1.3 max