SCHOOL systems are CORRUPT

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
A little bit more complex than our normal charts but this is only because i a m showing you a trade we took last week and my projection for the week ahead.

As you can see our lower trendline had 3 touches and the 3rd touch came at strong support which produced a 120 pip bullish run before a little pullback, now with our trading style you would have hit 2 TPs and would still have 1 running in profit with SL also in profit. If you would like any information on my style then just message me.

Projection for this pairing is i am still long until price hits my sell zone (green box) which will also be the 3rd trendline touch with strong resistance... see how easy trading is! The biggest hurdle in trading is your mindset and the need for big wins straight away, this is programmed into us at a young age, you basically have to unlearn everything you were taught by the corrupt school system! But i will save that rant for another day ;p