How To Use Risk To Reward And Execute A Trade

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Welcome Traders!

In today's trading episode, you will learn how to use the position size and price range tool to help you determine your trade risk to reward. I will also show you how to transfer this over to a market order using the TradingView Paper Trading account feature. Furthermore, you will learn why some of your trades do not get taken out at the exact stop loss and take profit levels on your chart.

Take time to practice what you learned in today's video.

Until next time, have fun, and trade confident :)


Great video and demonstration of the tools available to all traders and investors. Thank you! We've featured it in Editors' Picks.
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tradeconfident TradingView
@TradingView, Thanks so much!
Super clear explanation! love this.
Risk management is super important
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tradeconfident Foundation_Trading
@Foundation_Trading, thank you! Yes, risk management will make or break traders
Hey Travis, how is it going buddy?
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@Edgy_, Doing great, hope you are doing well!
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@tradeconfident, all good! Haven't seen you in quite some while, was thinking: I know that voice from somewhere! ;) Nice background.
@Edgy_, thank you :)
Extremely good video! This will really help me, thank you.
Thank you very much for your explanation. You also surprised me with your practical set-up of combining the trading view chart and being able to trade directly on the chart. Can you give me advise how to set this up? It looks very easy and saves a lot of time.