What TimeFrame do traders look at most? What should they look @?

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I am still working on my first strategy (been for weeks now) and have several more after this, but from what I saw the 4-HR and 1-HR chart seem to provide the best signals. Also, all my strategies are based on the daily chart (if I see these factors align on daily then I look for signals on H-1 H-4 charts such as macd divergence or something).

So are these timeframes the ones people look at the most? I will look at trading views ideas to find out!

28 09 2018
Daily ideas 13 pages: 234

15 min ==> 18 ideas

30 min ==> 11 ideas

60 min ==> 46 ideas

120 min ==> 13 ideas

240 min ==> 65 ideas

480 min ==> 5 ideas

720 min ==> 4 ideas

1D ==> 56 ideas

3D ==> 4 ideas

1W ==> 12 ideas

Total = 234. H4 = 27.7%. H1 = 20%. Covered > 70% with just D1 H4 H1.

Ideas per ticker:
BTC--- = 76 ideas (and all the top ones)
XRP--- = 23 ideas
EURUSD = 15 ideas
Gold = 13 ideas ("Gold," + "XAUUSD,")
ETH--- = 12 ideas
GBPUSD = 9 ideas
USDJPY = 9 ideas
LTC--- = 9 ideas

Total for those: 166

All the rest no one cares about: 68.

USD in the name = idk around 200 :D


Popular all time:

Top ideas = Bitcoin November 2017 to mid-2018 (not a bubble)

All time top idea noncrypto views: EURUSD 10935 views.
31th top idea for Bitcoin at the bottom of page 2: 75140 views (not a bubble)

All time top idea for Bitcoin number of views: You don't even want to know.

Of the 2 first pages (top 37 ideas):
Number of ideas that are not Bitcoin ==> 6/37
Number of ideas that are not Crypto ==> 2/37 EURUSD + Gold

TWO. And one of them just got alot of likes but not that many views.

T.W.O. Out of sqkn,fkqsin,f 37. 2 2 2 2 2 2.

NOT A BUBBLE! Clear proof this is the revolution right. It is only the beginning? The whole planet is looking at crypto.

Number of people interested only in crypto / number of (real?) traders (using approximate number of views) = 100.000 * 37 / 80.000 = 46 to 1.

Oh ye that does not look at all like a bubble. Hordes of cryptoer outnumbering traders that do not care what chart they trade as long as it moves 46 to 1.
Keep in mind crypto is sideways 90% of the time. Seems legit.


Ok so for finding out the used timeframe I will have to filter... I am not trying to figure what novices and noob authors with troll ideas that get hundred of thousands of views use for Bitcoin .

Forex filter let's go. So this will just shows what the POPULAR authors use. Not your common folk eager to give me his money :D
Top 10 pages of most popular all time ideas for FX. 18/ page. 180 total.

60 ==> 52. 29%

240 ==> 80. 45%

D1 ==> 41. 23%

Covers 96%. 15 min charts rarely make it to most popular all time obviously.


Newest currencies only (28 09): top 20 pages. 360 ideas.

60 ==> 107. 29.5%

240 ==> 132. 36.5%

D1 ==> 64. 18%

Covers 84%


Newest currencies pages 21 to 40. 360 ideas.

60 ==> 100. 27.5%

240 ==> 129. 36%

D1 ==> 79. 22%

Covers 85.5%


We pretty consistent. Going to make these stats again next week.

So was I right about these TimeFrames? Yes. Yes I was :D
So it all makes sense. The Timeframes coving 85% are the ones giving all the right signals, while other TF just give false signals all the time!

Conclusion: do NOT go against the herd. The more people look at something, the stronger it will be. Do not try looking for hidden secrets (well... not by themselves). Do not try to fight the capital (or magical :p) markets.
Go for the obvious supports, trendlines , and oscillators every one is looking at, and on the popular timeframes.

Love the market, respect it, and the market will love you back ;)
Sep 28
Comment: This is my workstation now. This is all I will ever need.

I might check the Daily, weekly, and monthly charts once in a while,
but I will spend 99% of my time on that 1 chart rather than having dozens mixed up and going back and forth.

Any info I want from the daily chart I can use an indicator for, I might check some level visually quickly from time to time, but I get most of what I need from the daily chart via a custom script.

And all I need is the macd and RSI.

I cannot explain how awesome this feels, and it frees the mind of all the noise.

These pine scripts, really awesome. They allow you to make almost anything you could possibly imagine.

Also, I never really spent alot of time looking at timeframes other than daily H4 & H1, but I did give it a try. Only looking at the major ones is really a relief.

Find the oscillators you like (but they have to be the macd and RSI, maybe BB?), find any timeframe you like (as long as it is the 4 hour 1 hour and daily ones ;> ), and stick to that.

Get rid of all the noise the uncertainty the what ifs.

*** Master ONE Thing To Reach Trading Success ***

(This guy recommends only 1 strategy become a 1 trick poney and really good at it but I think once you mastered 1 you can add a second once, this is what I have been doing past 2 months, and I might look at a 3rd one or maybe not might be too much at that point I get enough signals as is).
Sep 30
Comment: Currencies ==> Popular today. 18/page = 180

1 hour charts ==> 17
4 hour charts ==> 67
DAILY charts ==> 80

164/180 = 91%

We are in the week end. There is going to be more daily and much less 1 hour charts.
The 3 timeframes still reprensent the majority by far.
Oct 02
Comment: October 2 update

Currencies top 10
180 ideas

60 ==> 56
240 ==> 52
1D ==> 48

1 hour = 31%; 4 hour = 29%; Daily = 27%
The 3 are above 85%


60 ==> 16
240 ==> 31
Day ==> 74
W ==> 34

1 hour = 9%; 4 hour = 17%; Daily 41%; Weekly 19%

Futures (55% Gold 25% USOil)

60 ==> 43
240 ==> 52
Day ==> 67

1 hour 24%; 4 hour 29%; 1-day 37%

I like this page, shows everything there is in this world. Pretty interesting.

Makes sense ideas for indices are more often higher timeframes people are more interested in that. I think the ones that trade short term mostly use the S&P mini.

No one is interested in Agriculture futures, very few in bonds.
The volume is high thought, must mostly come from big companies and governments.

The most popular are:
- Well crypto. Hugely popular, more than all the rest combined. But not very interesting to trade. My guess is all tthese people interested in it are either bagholders, want to know when to buy because they saw the +10.000% gains, investors that want to get their money back... Mainly new people. Maybe it's the "new cool thing" to do... rofl like that's a reason not the actual numbers behind something. Mainly poor people :p

I did not take stats from crypto because so many ideas are pure trash, just trolls using troll timeframes, they probably flipped a coin to decide which way to point not even kidding. Nothing of value here.

- Forex. Did not check exactly, but there's a little of every majors minors and the biggest exotics... Turkey of course, moved a lot recently. I am not interested in it because I like to sleep at 7 am when it starts being very active.

- Indices. No one cares about the Dow actually. It's my favorite one lol. Sadface. Nah it does not really matter, less competition is good. The most represent is the S&P. Dax is there quite a bit too.

- Futures. Mainly Gold and Oil. Rest is not very popular. Not much to say.

- Bonds stocks. Don't care.

My own popular list is:

Major pairs
Minor & Exotic
Commodity Futures
11 Oil
12 Gold
13 Soybean
14 Copper
15 Dow Jones 30
16 Dax 30
17 FTSE 100
18 CAC 40
Crypto Futures

I am maybe going to remove EURGBP and EURCHF, just today I missed a trade I got alerted for at 8 am was sleeping, conditions actually got filed at 11, but ..
If this happens too often.
If my strategies are not correlated for US indices (S&P Nasdaq) I will trade them too.

I am backtesting for everything over and over. List is not 100% final but close.
For crypto I will only trade Bitcoin, and probably just the heavy dumps and swing trade whereas all the rest is good to short term.
If crypto was not popular would I even trade it?
I added it there because I now know it well, but if I was purely unbiased and only looked at the numbers crypto would not even be in the list.

This list is a mix of personaml preference and what is the most profitable to trade using strategies that revolve around divergence, based on winrate RR spread and how often they provide signals

Still working on it... I recently went from only 1 setup (+ sometimes trading based on my instinct) to 2, maybe even 3 setups, I am checking every thing for each on the list + maybe add a few indices in there.

I suppose this means I won't post about other crypto than Bitcoin now, except maybe the rare post to make fun of an alt which team exit scammed.
Oct 09
Comment: Today, 9-10 october, top ideas (crypto included):
180 total

1 HR = 33 (18.33%)
4 HR = 44 (24.44%)
1 day= 63 (35%)

And without crypto, which messes the results, since it is inactive and has no trade opportunities:
180 currencies ideas

1 HR = 56 (31%)
4 HR = 63 (35%)
1 day= 37 (20.5%)
(All 3 represent 86.67% of total)

180 Indices:

1 HR = 15 :( (8%)
4 HR = 28 (15.5%)
1 day= 71 (39.5%)
Week= 68 (38%)

Very little interest in the lower timeframes.

Top 180 futures (mostly gold and oil)

1 HR = 53 (29.5%)
4 HR = 33 (18.5%)
1 day= 58 (32%)
Week= 35 (19.5%)

The results are pretty consistant.

These are in my opinion the best timeframes to stick to.

I do not get any info I need from the 4 hour chart but there can be some, I just don't care/need it. The daily chart is the beginner chart and the easiest one and is very common, but I have a confession I do not use it.
Every one recommands it, the education guys recommend the daily chart "every one should look at it", but when they get the kind of results I get, THEN they will be able to give me recommendations.

I just check the weekly chart for the major structures once a week or 2 weeks, because it is more convenient and a little quicker than to get them from another TF.

But pretty much all I need is the 1 hour chart, I never really look at anything else XD

I have no really looked that much at 15 and 5 minutes charts, they might be useful, to be more precise or something, don't want to bother checking for now, and I don't know that for a fact, but I guess they're probably not that good.
Oct 11
Comment: Ok the truth:

All we need is

1/ Look at the weekly chart to note structures, trendlines, fibonacci levels.
2/ Look at (a script might help) 4 hour and 1 hour chart in detail with several indicators (I use RSI %D and %B)

Daily is USELESS. It can give some signals but it's not worth the trouble.
I just don't get the point of looking at daily? Noob friendly lol?

If you want to know the trend weekly chart is your friend.
If you want to know major support resistance trendlines EW fibo etc WEEKLY.

And for short term trading H4 and H1 both give plenty of entries and/or confirmations.

Daily has no purpose...

The daily chart is pointless, it really is (well except for candles traders that trade inside bars pin bars etc of course).

So, APART from japanese candlesticks trading, and to look for divergences when trying to figure out WHEN exactly a bear market might start, I just fail to see the purpose of even looking at the daily chart.
Oct 19
Comment: I still cannot tell for sure how to do this XD
Backtesting on 1 hour is complicated because a small move changes everything on the chart and you will miss all the times when your conditions were filed, but the price went against you...

4 hour is ok I guess.

Daily would not give a whole lot of setups, but using it on top of the rest, and using several strategies... that could be interesting.

I just do not know. The best for someone new I think would be to start with the strong & simple one the daily, start with 1 strategy and take plenty of small trades on that, won't grow much but it is fine, then try designing 1 new strategy, or look at another timeframe and then more and more 1 by 1 over the course of several years.
The fact that jellyfish have survived for 650 million years despite not having brains gives hope to many people.
Great assessment. Thanks for the effort. I've seen a few odd timeframes, as to be expected by buttcoin cultists. 45m, 75m, 3H, 7H, all to prove that the mighty Bitcoin was going to have this amazing run (even if the typical timeframes showed otherwise).
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MrRenev Jeff_Cryptopop
@Jeff_Cryptopop, lol. That's actually sad.
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