#EURUSD Long and Short Ideas

FX:EURUSD   Euro Fx/U.S. Dollar

#EURUSD Long and Short Ideas


1. We are in correction leg at the moment of a bearish move.
2. Possible ABCD pattern formation
3. Target 200 sma for short target
4. At the completion of short we can look to go long

Targets/Trade Management:
1. 2 Targets for short
2. 2 Targets for long

Doesn't it looks like we have already completed the ABCD and are already heading back up?
ABCD pattern is in the formation. We do not know yet whether it will be formed. On ABCD completion we will go Long.
riskmode TradeYodha
It looks like it already completed though. The first red line you drew is CD of the ABCD that has completed and begun to turn higher. Right?
No the first line is AB and second line is CD. This ABCD Pattern is forming from the top to bottom.
The short idea was correct but the zoning was incorrect. Missed the spikes