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✴️ Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Today we are going to talk about a popular strategy called Highest open Lowest open. This strategy was first published on forexfactory forum. The strategy is based on following the natural movements of the market, which you may consider unpredictable. Here, we will make money on those very movements. In this strategy, you will have to wait, you will have to be disciplined.

The idea behind this strategy is as follows: There are two assumptions. First, during the day there are always seemingly chaotic zigzag movements of the price. Secondly, any candle, be it bearish/bullish, will have tails. Third, someone needs to be taken out of the market. As we remember, there are bulls, bears and there are pigs as described in many famous trading books.

1) So, let's mark the High/Low points of the current day and the previous day on the chart.

2) After that, on the current day, let's mark the highest and lowest points of the H1 candle opening. It is the opening price of the candle that is meant. These opening points can and will shift during the day, and this is normal. The entries of the strategy are quite short, and such a shift of the markup during the day can occur. This (for the moment) is the end of our markup.

✴️ Strategy Rules
When do we buy or sell? So, we buy when the price goes below the lower line and comes back. That is, when the price is behind the line (for example, the lower line), we place a Buy Stop order on the line to enter on its breakout. To sell, we enter on the same principle: the price goes above the upper line, set an order on the border, inside the channel. It is not necessary to use a pending order for this, if you want, you can enter the market.

But, how can we understand that the price has really been below the lower level or above the upper level? After all, it may well be that the price will break the level by only one pip, which, of course, will not be a signal to enter. But, for this reason, we have the concept of "entry timeframe", which can be M5, M15 or M1.

So, when the M5 candle closes above the signal line and, accordingly, a new M5 candle opens we can enter to sell when the level is reached. The same is true for buying. M5 candle should close below the signal level, and at the opening of a new candle we set a pending order. Or, we wait until the level is reached and enter the market. At the same time, the opening price should not exceed the maximum and minimum of the day!

✴️ Trade details: TP and SL, Money Management
The start time of trading is 8 am New York time. But in general, you can trade practically at any time. Since everyone has different time zones, you can choose a trading time that suits you, and the strategy will still work. We set the stop loss for the daily high, or for the daily low.

The method of profit taking can be different. First, there is a basic rule: when the trade is in profit +5 pips, we move the stop to breakeven +1 pips of profit. Secondly, you can exit with a profit of 10 pips, or when a profit of 10 pips or more is reached, move the stop to breakeven +5 pips. Also, you can exit the position in partial portions, it is already from personal preferences. But it is better to follow the rule of putting the stop at breakeven.

So, why did we mark the High-Low of the previous day? If the high or low of the previous day is broken, it means that there was a breakout and you should be careful here. It is quite possible that the price will run far beyond the marked level after the breakout. Also, the situation with several entries within one hour is quite possible. If the price on M5 constantly breaks the level and returns, you can enter at every suitable signal.

Since the profit is small in most cases, it is better to use pairs with low spread in trading. This way you will be able to move the stop to breakeven faster. There can be a lot of entries on the strategy during the day. Especially if you use several pairs. Therefore, there is no sense to risk more than 1% of your capital per trade. Moreover, it is better to use 0.5%.

✴️ Examples
Now let's look at a few examples. On the H1 chart, we mark the highest opening point, and move to the M5 chart.
Here, we can see how the price closed beyond the level, below the high of the current day. On the breakout of the level, we enter to sell. We set the stop loss slightly above the maximum of the day. When the profit of 5 pips is reached, we turn on the trailing stop. In this trade we would have earned about 50 pips, with an initial stop of 10 pips.
We move the level again to the opening of the next candle, and wait for the crossing on M5. This, in fact, is the process of trading. Once again, we are talking about the current daily highs and lows. Thus, if the highest or lowest opening price changes, we move the line accordingly. Also, when setting a stop, we take into account the current High and Low. If there is a breakout of the previous day's High or Low, enter with caution, as the price may well rush towards the breakout.

✴️ Conclusion
This strategy requires attention, the ability to wait, discipline, calm and accurate calculation. Nevertheless, it is a powerful weapon in skillful hands. That proves the popularity of the strategy on the forexfactory forum. The strategy itself is quite simple.

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