✍️ EURUSD: Trade ideas for June 21-25.

OANDA:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
The key support for the new trading week is the medium-term hedge support area (1.1818-1.1792).
Increase of positions on rise near the mentioned option support area of $282 million additionally increases the probability of its working out.
🌐 The main scenario for the first half of the new week is a decline to the specified support area and subsequent suspension of the decline.
⚠️ In case of suspension of decline and formation of buying pattern during the second half of the trading week, correctional rise is expected with the target 1.1938, where the market-maker loss level is located.
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Trade active: 💸 EURUSD: Limit Buy will strengthen the hedgerow area. 💠 The closest support for intraday trading is the limit buyer (1.1817).
Subsequent support for Monday is hedger zone premium level (1.1806).
🔥 In case of formation of buying pattern we expect the rise with the limit seller (1.1900) as a target.
Trade active: ✍️ EURUSD: 22-25.06.2021 targets. Over the past trading week the net outperformance of the buyers decreased by 1%.
🌐 Corrective character of decrease on the daily basis additionally confirms decrease of the market volume by 6%.
The unidirectional nature of the movement during the coming week suggests a decrease in the locked positions of investors by 3%.
The nearest middle-term support is the hedge zone (1.1831-1.1822).
👉 In case of a successful test of the market-maker's loss (1.1939), we expect the decline to the investors' support zone (1.1831-1.1822).
In case of breakdown and fixation above 1.1939 the next growth target for trading within the trading week is the balance of the market maker (1.1980).
Trade active: ✍️ EURUSD: Will the market maker's loss be tested? 🔥 The nearest resistance level for today is the market-maker's loss (1.1941).
In case of breakdown and fixation above the price level of 1.1941 we expect increase to the limit seller (1.1962).
♻️ In case of successful test of the mentioned resistance level we expect the subsequent decrease with the targets - limit buyer (1.1904) and hedge zone (1.1831).
Trade active: ♻️ EURUSD: on the eve of the expiration we are trading near the balance. 🔥 Limit buy at 1.1907 is the nearest support for today.
In case of formation of buying pattern near the mentioned option mark we expect the rise with the nearest target - limit seller (1.1951).
In case of breakdown and fixation below the limit buyer (1.1907) the middle-term target of the downside will be the market maker's loss level (1.1832).
Trade active: ❗️ EURUSD: trading near the balance of the week. According to the results of the trading on Thursday, June 24, we got below the level of the balance of the week (1.1930).
✍️ The nearest resistance for today is the limit seller (1.1945).
🌐 The main scenario for today is the successful test of the limit seller level (1.1945) and the subsequent decrease with the targets: limit buyer (1.1918) and hedge support zone (1.1831).
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Thanks for the forecast, but I'm still more inclined to sell)
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@ForexTrendline, Thanks for sharing, The direction is north! :):):)
I LOVE the fact that you know where the market makers are buying and selling. very crucial info.