FX_IDC:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Let's have a look at our analyzes on EURUSD throughout this week!

On Monday we had a resistance zone where we expected to see price.

On Tuesday we looked at potential rise to 1,1400 and price entering the zone.

On Wednesday we confirmed price breaking above 1,1400

On Thursday we looked at price potentially reaching 1,1500

Today we expect that this move to 1,1500 will be confirmed and we have to point out 26th of Jan as an important day.

The upside potential is still there and we could look for long day-trading opportunities.
We're also expecting that as price goes up it will slow down around the 1,1550 level. However, we won't look to sell until we have a confirmed situation.

Follow us to find out when would be the right moment to enter!

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