EUR/USD Institutional Trading Strategy

Hello, guys! It's been a while since last I posted here on TradingView. I'm today releasing into the wild my trading strategy, key levels, order arrangement and overall method for trading specifically the EUR/USD , as I've specialised on trading this particular market 24/5 now. This is basically my level fading strategy and method to trade the Euro-Dollar, based off major daily round figures (even numbers), only using limit orders as entries, and stops above or below intermediary daily round figures (odd numbers). This is a time-tested strategy, it takes a great deal of discipline and patience, it carries a substantial amount of drawdown and with impending high-impact economic releases (Fed/ECB interest rate decisions, NFP and so on), which often result in impulsive trending phases, this is deadly and it is not recommended. This works well for swing/position traders just like myself, and for the EUR/USD overall.

Leave your comments on what you guys think about this strategy, its flaws and weaknesses, your experiences with similar range fading strategies, or any other kinds of feedback or questions that you might think of, I'll read every single one of them, that I guarantee.

See you all around and good trading :)
Comment: Orders placement (Imgur): a/nPElogw