FOREXCOM:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Hey everyone. Another successful trading day has passed. Only a couple of trades we taken as forecasted in previous posts.
As you can see we have finally broke the 4hr lows which ive been calling for a while and we traded according Closing all positions a few hours before the big news came out.
We cut our trades prior to news as i dont want or need random news spikes in my trading, it adds risk and exposure to your account plus its banned by the prop firm who has funded me so its a great way to lose my account all together.
Right now we have a massive imbalance in the market above where price is now back into the news candle. This drop tapped into a Demand zone so im expecting a pull back up (long) and will take long trades if they present. If we start seeing bearish flow mitigating ill also take sells however im preferring longs at present