Understanding Market Structure

FOREXCOM:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
1) Consolidation
The market enters this phase after a strong movement. Sellers control buyers, which further leads to a downward trend

2) Down trend
Bearish phase - lower lows and lower highs. This is where traders want to go short on breakouts or from levels

3) Distribution
Occurs after a prolonged fall in prices, when buyers gain control of prices, resulting in higher prices

4) Up trend
The bull phase is where you want to be long. See to buy short breakout moves after long rallies have exhausted themselves. Attempts to rally are considered guilty until proven innocent

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it's the opposite bro. consolidation is accumulation and distribution happens before the sell off.. please don't take it otherwise
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Cliff_68 EzraDavid97
@EzraDavid97, Agreed.
moneygene EzraDavid97
@EzraDavid97, you've got that right!! The information is misleading & incorrect.
Good work ✅✅
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Shouldn’t it be accumulation/uptrend/distribution/downtrend repeat?
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Dow theory / Wyckoff Theory
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De Gram I consider my knowledge of TA over 22 years to be extensive. So in saying that, I don't agree with your Accumulation/Distribution explanation. Distribution occurs (as per your chart - far left side) with lower highs on rallies, and lower lows. Stock is being distributed (sold) to the "Buy the Dip" theorists. Rallies must occur for the best sell price to be obtained. And Accumulation begins when extreme lows occur, and a Creeping Trend deveops, with higher lows appearing. Thanks for your efforts & good luck in your progress.
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@moneygene yep accumulation at the lows and distribution at the highs.
Thanks a lot!
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