Keep charts simple... Dont let them fool you

OANDA:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar

Look at the chart and tell me that support and resistance and supply and demand zones are not the way to trade, then I will tell you to folk off ;p

As you can see that every time price entered into one of our zones it bounced or if it did break it made a big move, the same happened with our support/resistance line... Come on people it really doesn't take a genius to work this stuff out!

Find a strong area/zone of support and resistance , place them on your charts and price will respect them time and time again for years to come, this gives you a head start over the market, you see peoples charts that look like an artist has thrown up over them, charts with more lines on than a table at a wall street office party :p.... These indicators only confuse you and stop you seeing what's going on, look at our charts they are nice and clean and you can spot setups easy.

Keep it simple and you will succeed, confuse things and the market will destroy you.