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** To get my updates immediately, please make sure you follow me. Sometimes, I update my charts on old charts.

If you have decided to take this trade, please be very careful as NFP is an hour away. PLEASE DO NOT PLAY WITH THE STOP IF IT IS ABOUT TO GET HIT

Just do proper MM and let the trade do its thing. If it works then fine, if not then it's not the end of the world UNLESS YOU INVESTED ALL YOUR CAPITAL IN IT. SO DON'T

Good luck to everyone
Comment: Target Achieved
Be careful now please
Comment: we have reached the top of the target zone
I am out
Comment: ok

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did
Again, when there is no manipulation, things work out just fine and we get 120 pips in 10 minutes
When there is manipulation, we get out with very little damage
If you decide to stay, have fun
If you decide to call it quits, congrats

All of you guys please be nice with the pips
Comment: by the way ...
If you made some nice pips, go back and do some chart likes .. that would be nice
Do like a million of them or something .. lol
Comment: OK guys

I think that we are in a trade that will fulfill my expectation from 2 months back
So if you like, try to re-enter on a retrace to capture the big move up

Bullish in a bearish market
Comment: ok guys

I'm closing this chart now. over the weekend I will try to do a plan for re-entry into this trade. In the meantime, enjoy your pips. Share the wealth with others. Buy your Mom a gift and tell her that you love her.

Also, please take some time to read my 2 slides about trading news events and about success or failure due to manipulation during those events.

They are both below

Have a good week end

NFP .. or not to be, that is the question!!!

NFP .. or not to be, that is the second question!!
Trade closed: target reached
Comment: By the way, this news event was not manipulated ... Thus we succeeded
What was the thinking for the trade? Is it because it broke the previous high?
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Ichimoku_Trader nheadmaster
broke CL
did ab
now waiting for c
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Ichimoku_Trader nheadmaster
Consider ichi elements:

KS is up
CS is showing a possible strong trend in he next candle or 2
Lower TF are committed
Current TF are probably switching
very close to trading above larger TF KS
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Ichimoku_Trader nheadmaster

Pierced KS which is currently acting like support and came back (or so it seems)
once a signal is confirmed at support, that will be enough to take he trade
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nheadmaster Ichimoku_Trader
However, the CS is lost though. As if it is ranging.
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Ichimoku_Trader nheadmaster
if u are afraid of the CS, wait to get a signal
by that time it will show a good trend
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Market is flat as a pancake, path of least resistance is down , what is your trigger for this trade ? Just started following you and am interested in Icho. I get the shift in momentum and the positive divergence.
Flat due to NFP...

I'm already in and my stop is just below the low. i went in early (almost when i posted the trade) and now i moved my stop risking almost nothing
If I get stopped, I will look for any candle signal to go long again with my stop just under the new low ( as long as we break the stop line)

good luck
sorry ... please correct to
( as long as we do not break the stop line)
Ichimoku_Trader. I have to tell you something important to me.

I have come to tradingview recently.
I was looking for reliable information on Ichimoku because it is a system that, I don't know very well why, it scared me. Maybe it's related to my working
with "clean" charts obsession, perhaps by fear of the unknown.

I'm from Spain and not fluent in English, therefore, have always sought information in Spanish but something told me that was not enough, there had to be much more behind Ichimoku so I started looking for information in English and I'm here ... learning Ichimoku!

I started (I think at the beginning) by the "educational" tab. I'm reading everything from point 1, including comments and questions from other colleagues and, of course, everything that you answer them. I take notes and study the charts...

And all this boring stuff is to say you THANK YOU !!!.

Ichimoku no longer gives me any fear, it's more, I'm liking a lot!!. And enjoy is important, because I have much, much to learn yet. I have just begun ...

Thank you for putting your knowledge, work, time, effort to our service. In a selfless manner. Just to help.
I do not know you but I think I can say without fear of contradiction, that you are a person of great heart. This kind of things does not make anyone.

This profession is not easy and many fall by the wayside. So many!! Others (those who think themselves smarter) create courses in order to profit from something that is related to the markets but other than trading (because they have not achieved) and thereby contribute to many others who also had this dream, leaving it frustrated.

So when I meet people like you, the gratitude I feel is immense. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are not alone.


P.D.1: I hope you can forgive me if I made mistakes with English.

P.D.2: I'm not sure if this is the right place for such messages but still do not know well all options TradingView.
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Wow ...

Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to write this beautiful message.

I feel very humbled by what you said and I assure you that I will always try my very best to be worthy of your trust and respectful of your time which you have invested to learn my trading method

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tronner2 Ichimoku_Trader

Thanks to you!!
+2 Reply
cool, some handsome profit after a boring week...
+2 Reply
yes it is
yes it was

Now we're happy
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Thank you , it is still going up ...
Ichimoku_Trader Eliofrancesco
you can stay with it but be careful with your stop
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Great trade. Caught your analysis in time to watch this in real time...didn't trade it, but saw the potential. Thanks
Ichimoku_Trader ShirokiHeishi

I wish you would have traded it

Good luck
ShirokiHeishi PRO Ichimoku_Trader
Thanks, wanted to, but capital committed elsewhere. Risk management and all.
Ichimoku_Trader ShirokiHeishi

there will be others for sure
nice bro thumb up .... how do u set the buy and targetl zone ? thanks
Ichimoku_Trader phuahpatrick
Popoythegreat Ichimoku_Trader
this is informative. thanks Ichi.
Ichimoku_Trader Popoythegreat
thank you
buy zone i understand how u get it . what about the target zone and how do u get the CL? kindly enlighten thank you very much
Ichimoku_Trader phuahpatrick
Too complex to explain here

I might do some slides about the 2 issues later

Good luck
phuahpatrick Ichimoku_Trader
ok tq bro - my email is phuahpatrick@me.com
Hi master,

thanks for the pips last month I made around 400 pips.

could you make a slide teaching how to trade news as NFP.
Ichimoku_Trader MarcielSouza

I already did. this week was a type 1 news event. No manipulation

NFP .. or not to be, that is the question!!!

NFP .. or not to be, that is the second question!!
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The risk is somewhat mitigated by knowledge you bring to the table. Great call.

“To rise to the top of any field you only have to get the better of one person, yourself”
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Coming from, that means a lot

Thank you
I will try. I entered early with plan 2 and had a stop just too tight so I was kicked out by 3 pips from the big trade... uff...

have a good weekend too
thanks you
u are a genius!
Thank you
Thank you for being so inspiring and generous in sharing your opinion and beautiful charts .!
I am a beginner and still struggling to understand charts but I am encouraged by your tutorial
Thank you again for being here
Ichimoku_Trader Eliofrancesco
Thank you,

Showing gratitude to others is undoubtedly the highest form of human conduct. A person who does it only deserves my highest respect.

I wish you a successful trading journey
Let me know how it goes
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Hi Ichi, Greta work. I have some questions to improve my knowledge:

1) When you entered this trade was this based on some guess around fundamentals, ie that NFP will be lower than forecasted? In the early last week, Yellen was hawkish. So I was assuming NFP would come better than the forecasted 159K. Surely I was wrong. For news trading I usually want to see the news release and then trade. But, what made you firm on long even much longer? I am curious to learn.

2) For news I currently see forexfactory. But it is usually late by approx 1 minute that is surely late if not too late! Is there any other source that brings the news faster?

3) You talked about manipulation that this NFP wasn't manipulated. Could you elaborate on that? What type of manipulation does occur around news and how frequently and in which pairs do they occur?

Appreciate your response.

1. I do not do fundamentals. I only know what time the news is. My perspective is that every piece of fundamental information is available on the chart pre and post the news. Also, my capacity to capture the collective fundamental picture for decision making will never be good enough. BUT, I'm not dumb though so I try to read between the lines of what the news wants us to think ;). As for why i took the trade before the news, well, it made technical sense to me and i know how things work during the news so i protect my capital. Please read my perspective on trading the news in my educational section. If you can not find it tell me

2. Yes. The charts. I did not check the results of the NFP for hours after it took place. I did fine. Also, trying to trade the impact of what you think the news means is very dangerous. So I would advise you not to use such a strategy

3. Yes you will find that in the slides i referred to above. Actually, I have the 2 slides in my comments on this chart. So please take some time to read them

Good luck

NFP .. or not to be, that is the question!!!

NFP .. or not to be, that is the second question!!
Thank you very much
Thank you
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