Euro Fx/ US dollar with the ellipses scaled into CIRCLES

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
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Just to show you that the ellipses are actually circles when the chart is SCALED properly (Height to width ratio) on the data.
Here's another site you might want to check out for the possibilites of geometry, although, this isn't quite the same as my idea.
what's even more amazing is that it's the Sun itself that is the timekeeper of this rhythm, not the man-made division of time (which of course is loosely based on the Sun rhythm)
Robert24 Pink Grasshopper
It has nothing to do with the sun. It's Vector geometry. The stock groups have to run in sync, the world markets have to keep relative values, and the insiders don't even have to study the stock market because they know how the system works. This has been going on ever since the NYSE opened in the late 1800's. That's how Rockefeller and JP Morgan got rich. Getting in and out on predetermined prices and prearranged times by using a geometric method.
The price setting for stocks was done by Specialists. Each specialist had a specialist group and they handled 10 to 80 stocks. Now it's probably all computerized and they are probably just their to make it looks like a fairly traded market.
They do have general meetings to do determine general directions of the markets, but it still is set up by their analysts (the math whizzes) to run in precision. The specialists are also allowed to trade for themselves in the Very stocks that they set the prices in. BEAT THAT!
and just what is the source of this theory? The mechanics are far more complex than that my friend
Robert24 Pink Grasshopper
Do you agree this is a rigged system? Do you agree that THEY know how it works? Now unless you know how it works, how can you say it's based on anything. You're surmising because of your favorite beliefs, but that's not going to make you money in the stock market. I don't know all of it. This is more observation for me too, but I do know some people that do know how it works (they don't tell me everything)...and they don't mention a thing about the sun.
look, obviously there's individuals/groups out there who want to get their way (don't you?) and they use whatever they have to their disposal to achieve this. But they are merely part of the game, they do not CONTROL the market. Do you have any idea how many of those entities are out there with huge money and resources? You want to tell me that they all miraculously agree on how to move the market? Please... they would cut each other's throats just to get the piece of the other's pie. And then on top of that you have millions of independent market participants who obviously don't attend your alleged meetings. You can INFLUENCE market moves to certain degree with enough resources, you cannot CONTROL the markets, certainly not a huge gorilla as FX. You can make money either way, believing all those global conspiracy stories or not as long as you learn how to flow with the markets and that is a natural rhythm because markets are made of nature - humans.
Robert24 Pink Grasshopper
Why is it difficult to believe they all run on a system? The masses react to rising prices and sell on falling prices. Then the exchanges have their own news arms to further influence bad decisions. NYSE owns Reuters. Reuters releasing news to the other agencies. No problem to manipulate to their hearts desire. You should read up on Richard Ney. He used to work on the floor for Specialists. He talks about their game. As for conspiracy. There is nothing conspiratorial about it. Tyranny and Oligarchies of power have ruled ever since the history of man...and so it continues. They are the King, Queens, Dictator, military regimes, etc. We are the serfs, peasants, slaves, tax payers (everything you buy has multiple layers of tax on it producer, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, sales tax, income tax). Now the governnment wants to tax Bitcoin. They have alway been in control of everything. Us especially.
Am I mad about it. What's the difference? Theirs nothing you or I can do about it anyway. You go with the rigged game. That's the way it is.
Is the media completely controlled? YES, absolutely. Are there descendants of past royals who wish to retain power? I believe so. Is the gov. on a mission to rip off anyone in their way and destroy all things in the process by their blind pursuit for power? You bet! All governments do that. Still, their influence on the masses, whether directly forceful or indirect through opinion manipulation, is just that - influence. There is no one agreed "plan" according to some secret formula, which is what we started talking about initially. They emphasize certain trends so that they can reap benefits when those trends unfold, they do not MAKE markets.
Robert24 Pink Grasshopper
You obviously don't agree with me. Fine. Play it the way you want. I'm not interested in an argument over scruples or beliefs. This is what I believe. I have studies on the Euro, JPY, AUD, US. It's all the same. They run in perfect channels. My channel method is also on this site. You can't GET that kind of precision without precise calculation. It just doesn't happen.
...but believe what you believe and play it that way. We don't have to have a dispute over it. Just play the market the way you believe.
They run in sync because the world runs in sync. There is only one economy and that is global economy. Individual markets are just expressions of particular flavors of that global economy in their respective region.
Robert24 Pink Grasshopper
I have some research to do here okay, so i'm going to spend some time on that.
It is a global economy. Some are bigger than others, but they all participate by agreement.
I don't spend time worrying about who wants to rule the world. I am not a philosopher. I am more of a pragmatist. If an idea for the market works...use it.
People have even done stupid things like throwing darts at dart board to determine whether to buy or sell. If it works and the percentage are working out. Use it. Bye for now
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