2] How to use Traders Dynamic Index and Complementary Overlay

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FOREXCOM:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
We here learn to observe the higher time frame 360, and analyse 1D that RSIPL are crossed down parallel. So lower than daily time frame= 540, 360 allows for trend entry at a 360 RSIPL and 'TSL initial cross down for max profit.
On 180 as on 360 allowed for entry using the RSIPL/ TSL crosses down. Also observing Phaser very near price as it 'pushed' priced down until price could breakout Phaser which had much importance.
Price breakout of black Midline meant clear reversal and price retraced to it for support with target being HighPhaser or Fibonacci retracement tool for extension target. Entry for this retracement was possible by means of the countertrendline cross.
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Comment: 1D Parallel RSIPL/TSL down: