Germany: 43 cent per share risk short

AMEX:EWG   iShares MSCI Germany Index Fund
This is a very, very tight stop loss short setup in the monthly EWG chart. If it confirms (which it might, due to the Deutsche Bank impending collapse), we could get confirmation during October.
We'd need price to stay clear from the 26.10 mark for the whole month, so we could use a stop at 26.11 without a problem here, or just trade it with options instead and exit if 26.11 is breached.
Interestingly enough, the SPX chart has a big uptrend that confirms if during October, we don't retest 2100, so, maybe we have a huge pair trade there: one fires an uptrend, the other a downtrend?
That would be a tremendous trade...

Good luck, hopefully they sort this DB problem without triggering a systemic crash, and if they do, we will be prepared.

Ivan Labrie.
Comment: Failure to break down, and potential recovery of $DB makes shorts invalid.

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