Expanse 54,245% to ATH | Altcoins Season Getting Started!

BITTREX:EXPBTC   Expanse / Bitcoin
Let's take a look at the Expanse ( EXPBTC ) chart... The Altcoins Season is just getting started... We are going to be looking at some signals coming from the Expanse chart.

Long-term chart:
  • Over 54,000% profits potential to ATH ( All-Time high).

What we really need to be looking at on the chart above is the volume bars.

EXPBTC printed its biggest volume bar ever. This pair has been available for trading on Bittrex since late 2015. The biggest volume bar was printed this week... The bottom is in.

Looking at Expanse ( EXPBTC ) closer, we can see that consolidation took a little over 35 days and then boom, a massive breakout.
Many, many of the pairs I've been looking at on a daily basis have now been consolidating for 30-45+ days...

  • New ATL followed by a massive breakout.
  • EMA10 and EMA50 decisively broken.
  • Over 300% growth in a matter of days.
  • Extremely bullish RSI .
  • MACD now on the bull side.

300% Growth in just one short week.
We also see Bankex (BKXBTC) which did over 300%.

Some of the Binance altcoins are also printing great gains.

Get ready for the Altcoins season...

It is time to collect profits once again.

Thanks a lot for reading.

Comment: BitTorrent (BTTBTC) will be one of the biggest altcoins projects in 2020... Take a look at it here, it has massive growth potential:

Banco (BNTBTC) can do good as well...

Comment: Massive growth for EXPBTC, now at 570%+ of profits generated...

Here is the chart:

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