EYPT showing resistance, with possible GAP fill!

NASDAQ:EYPT   EyePoint Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Based on the candle sticks presented, we can identify 2 key points that present opportunity in EYPT . First the “GAP” presented by the yellow highlight, when these gaps are formed and the stock starts to recover it is common for the price to rally back towards the price where the gap was created in this case roughly a bit under $2.20 ($2.11 was the lowest bid during the last 3 candles). Another identifiable point to notice is resistance at $1.74. During roughly the past 2 weeks the lowest the price rallied was $1.74 (3 times to be specific).

Entry point is best when price surpasses $1.94, which was the highest bid since the GAP drop. It will demonstrate traders willing to push price further and recover the gap. If so the stock should be held till it roughly closes the gap, $2.11 is recommended to be the stop loss price, but depending on momentum, price could further rally to $2.20 or more. However, if price dips below $1.74, price could further be pushed down.