FANS switching to bullish mode after recovery

After the strong performance based on great news in February 2021, there was an overreaction by investors and an excessive sell-out
The result was a pull-back to around 1.10 CAD $, also as a result of overall red markets especially in the tech sector.

Based on Stoch RSI indicator the stock is oversold at the moment and seems to be ready for a significant turnaround.
News regarding the application for U.K. Gambling Licenses (4th of March) is very promising too. Awareness and interest in FANS is rising.

I consider that it's possible that FANS will be able to climb up to 2.50-3.00 CAD $ by the end of March.
Trade closed manually


seems like the bottom is in
hope this is the bottom for the next leg up
the_realone thelion01
@thelion01, another small setback yesterday, hope to have some solid ground so that FANS can rebound from that level
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