Potential "puke" in play

NASDAQ:FB   Meta Platforms, Inc
Facebook has seen a lot of mixed signals in play. Recent analyst upgrades due to Ad revenue have come at a time of extreme public resentment of FB . Every week more troubling news is adding to the PR fiascos for FB . today alone saw UK and New Zealand hint at fining FB and another story about criminals openly selling CC numbers, SS numbers, etc in public FB groups. Price is already below a lot of buying volume , those who bought a little earlier might be looking to take profit. Those who bought at the high might be close to stopping out. A burst of selling could see recent bagholders "puke" their shares and restest prices between 170 and 166.70.
Comment: also wanted to note that zuckerberg, sandberg and more have been selling shares the last week. There is also a house hearing with google and facebook tomorrow.
Comment: one final note, there is a California law heading into effect next year that will prevent Facebook from selling user data to advertisers if the user wishes to keep their data private. With growing momentum to regulate Facebook, a move to implement this on a federal level (through congress) it would have a big impact on the value of the company