FTSE Bursa Malaysia Trend Prediction for 20 to 24 September


Greetings, since the trend break through the bottom resistance 1557, now the new test of resistance will be 1527.

The MACD and RSI show the down trend and i feel that it is meaningless to show the indicator, so i use other indicator to show the how the trend is going.

As you see, the trend is down trend now, and the down trend would probably continue at next week 20 - 24 September. Only when the cloud turn into green, and the candle shows up light blue or green colour, then the trend might be rebounce again. When the candle go below the EMA , the EMA will turn into red colour, when it backs to above, the colour will turn green.

Other reason we predict the trend will keep going down is because the week trend and month trend are going weak.

If only the trend does not break through 1527 resistance line and keep above it, then the rebounce may come again.

Again, All the prediction above just assumption, and it is not an advise to purchase or sell the share, please be responsible to your own trade behaviour.

Hope all of you may earn more money and be a rich man/woman.