Missed FCEL; Knew All About It..Information Overload Is..

NASDAQ:FCEL   FuelCell Energy, Inc
.....your biggest enemy.

Saw they cancelled that Shareholder Meeting, which clearly indicated that they thought they could get the share price back above $1.00..

Also, from my spamming endeavors, I noticed that I would get a tremendous amount of views; significantly more than you'd expect. Hot sector too, with some heavy hitters involved. Plus they have that excellent trade name: Fuel Cell. You can't beat that. Very trendy, and sentiment is strong... Still fresh, unlike NBEV . It's looking like she's washed up at this point; been used and abused for far too long, so she'll never treat you the same. The first few loves are always the best, but after that, it's never as good as it was in the beginning.