Jan 11
The company attraction is the huge purchases by large institutions - they now own 70% of the company - providing them with plenty of cash to develop--Facedrive’s vision is to fulfil its growth through a number of verticals that either leverage existing technologies of the Company or project synergies with existing lines of business (the "Facedrive Verticals"). The Facedrive Verticals include its rideshare business ("Facedrive Rideshare"), sustainable e-commerce platform ("Facedrive Marketplace"), food-delivery service ("Facedrive Foods"), e-social platform ("Facedrive Social") and its contact-tracing and sustainable health services business ("Facedrive Health").

Normally I would not be interested in this company but the large acquisition of shares by institutions displays to me future growth into a market place that very few operate.
The chart pattern since September has been very strong and a move above $18.50 would indicate a run to new highs at $30 +

The move is about to take out the $18.50 high with RSI so low we are looking at mid $30
Comment: We bought at $14 and sold out at $42
The drop continues and I would assume the buy point is around $18-19
The MACD must begin to turn before going long
Comment: The price has returned to $16 level and that is good long term buying zone. Buying options makes sense out 1 year.

For traders this is not the place to be.