DXY - When the Wind Blows, the unwashed Laundry wafts IN

FRED:FEDFUNDS   Effective Federal Funds Rate
National Currencies in the European Union?

Hmmm... Good Luck in the Short Run, the disarray will
be compelling viewing.

European officialdom is now reeling from THE outbreak of apostasy
within its own ranks.

Adios Angela and a subtle reminder of 2010:

" It is an existential test and it must be overcome ... if the euro fails,
then Europe fails,” she said

11 Years later and she has one foot out the door.

Failure, it appears was THE option.

The disintegration of the EU due to financial panic on international markets
will spread contagion to the United States.

America’s $30 trillion debt load from Obama to Biden , the burden has become
rather large.

The Largess is not to be easily contained. American banks will see trillions
of dollars in losses due to credit exposure within Europe's Financial Edifice.

Deutsche Bank AG readily comes to mind - the Zombie Bank eating the brains
of it's Depositors is overdue.

The very solvency of the entire American financial system will be tested without
remorse, regret nor remediation in a timely fashion.

What of Uncle Buck?

It is safe to assume, yes safe - Inflows into the Dollar and US Assets would flow from
Europe, Asia and about any piece Sovereign on our little blue ball in space and time.

Will it, it will it result in the (and I hold immense disdain for this term) GREAT RESET.

Stay Tuned intelligent observers, we maintain everyone loses a Hand.