Bullflag 6 hour FET/BTC #FET #FetchAI $FET

BINANCE:FETBTC   Fetch.AI / Bitcoin
Here we see our FET 6 hour chart . And it's in a clear uptrend . We've stayed above 1000 sats since hitting that 700 area few weeks ago .I said at the time I thought that pullback to 700 area was the completion of our Handle from that Bullish Cup and Handle pattern,and I still think so ( target of that was 2890 which I still think will happen but first we must retake the 1550 area and break above it . ) You see that purple arrow on the chart ? That points at what appears to be a Bull Flag on the 6 hour timeframe . In between those pink lines. It's a bullish pattern that happens after an uptrend and says we should be seeing more uptrend soon .Also notice we are about to have a Golden Cross on our 50 MA (light blue line ) and our 200 MA ( drk blue line .) That light blue line going up and through the dark blue line is a Golden Cross and it is also Bullish . So to sum up we have 2 bullish patterns happening on this chart and I definitely expect upside though I can't say when , but it seems it will happen soon. I'll link my previous FET charts below but we should see a break towards the 1550 area again sometime soon .

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