FEYE- Expecting Bullish Reversal Off of this level

182 0 1

Possible bullish swing area for FEYE             stock. We have seen a number of criterium that may suggest bulls are looking to take this stock higher.

1, We came out of a long term rounded bottom/rounded bottom formation
2. We've came back to the level where price broke the frying pan bottom for a retest.
3. We can see a bullish candlestick reversal pattern at the retest area.
4. The retest is taking place on the 20EMA support, supporting bullish sentiment
5. The retest is taking place bang on the 61.8 retracement level.
6. The stochastic is in the oversold condition, where it looks as thought the K is about to cross the D.

The final step, which in this case would be step 7, is we are expecting an open HIGHER for this to confirm properly.
An open above 42.93 will be very good confirmation that the bulls are around to take this price higher.

Good luck to all,
Happy trading.
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