Above the big resistance dating back Dec 2007!

I find AMEX:FEZ has been fairly accurate with the cycle analysis. You can see this tracing back on the chart over weeks and it sits almost perfectly with each dip (i've marked major ones in a yellow circle on the cycle).

Feeling very good about FEZ also because the ETF crossed a major resistance which was the Big Red Line.
Big Red line: Dec 07 all time high. Re-tested this move during Feb 18, Feb 2020 before the big Covid dip

Next resistance:
Green dotted line: This tests the highs set on Apr 19, Jun 19, and Jan 2020. I strongly believe FEZ will retest this line close to Feb-Apr 2021 based on cycle analysis. Price Target: $44.78

IF FEZ crosses the Green dotted line, the next resistance is:
Blue dotted line: Traces the Highs tested Dec 09, Apr 11, Jun 14.
Realistically I don't think we will see that price until 2021 second half. Price target: $47

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