FKLI TRADING : 307) bear has emerged

this is number 307...

the trend has reversed since 22nd OCt 2021. It has broken below the previous "higher-low" candlestick and therefore has reversed the trend.
SO now, the most practical trading strategy would be "short on rebound" until the change of the trend. After the short while of rebound, the market has shown "exhaustion" and now even daily chart is still in uptrend, the trend is in downtrend now and bear is in charge.

The closest support region ranging frm 1512-1524, with the critical low at 1506.The closest resistance range frm 1560-1580. Ever since the 1st nov 2021, a huge gap down has "bottled" the price into a tight range frm 1524-1544. Next level of support is 1512, then 1500, then 1480...this is a very critical support...

*plan your trade and trade your plan... gud luck*

immediate resistance : 1560-1580

immediate support : 1512-524

critical support : 1480-1500

: this is juz a trading idea...trading stocks, futures , crypto, commodities or forex might incur a huge risk to your account/funds…DON’T LOSE MONEY THAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD…any idea(s) of trading in this episode SHALL NOT be regarded as a hint of BUYING or SELLING. It is MERELY a trading journal and it has been used for educational purpose only… trade at your own risk!

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