FOXA potential Long Breakout Trade using our B.I.T.S Indicator

NASDAQ:FOXA   Fox Corporation
We have identified a potential long breakout swing trading opportunity on FOXA using our Breakout Intelligent Trading Signals Indicator (B.I.T.S).

The indicator using price action and volume with proximity to our Points of control to identify high probability breakout trades both long and short.

In this situation we are looking to go long through our automated entry signal at $32.65 with a tight Stop Loss at $32.29 (again automatic on our indicator) We have 4 automatic target zones printed on the chart with the 4th just below the recent major resistance pivot .

Find out more about our B.I.T.S indicator for TradingView that s i great for spotting breakouts on Stocks Commodities , Futures and Cryptocurrencies >>HERE<<


What a lovely signal. Took that tree yesterday nice and smooth.
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