NASDAQ:FSLR   First Solar, Inc
Possible stop below the lower of the 2 bottoms or the last pivot low. I often place stops under horizontal trading zones which are areas of consolidation. The longer these zones, are the better.

A double bottom can show the bears where the bulls are willing to make a stand. This can give confidence to the bulls and can make bears a bit less confident.

Possible small flag forming.

A Marubozu is a taller candle with no shadows, or wicks on the top or the bottom. This one is red, but there is also a green Marubozu candle. As a rule these candle may affect price on a very short basis and are a signal that continuation of the current trend may persist.

No recommendation

Can be a good idea to listen carefully to what the market is willing to give you, but you can't force the market to give you anything.