Feathercoin (FTC) Project Overview + Chart Analysis (31,000%+)

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BITTREX:FTCBTC   Feathercoin / Bitcoin
About Feathercoin

Feathercoin was conceived as a coin that is lighter than light, hence the featherlight name. The coin takes its lightness and suitability for featherlight payments from its faster block processing (one block every minute) and the generous supply of 336 million coins (of which about 278m are currently in circulation).

The genesis block and initial blog post from Peter Bushnell about the release of Feathercoin on bitcointalk date back to April 16th, 2013. Feathercoin, as one of the oldest Altcoins, has proven the test of time. It is also still being actively developed by its founder and a small but strong open-source community contributing to the project.

Feathercoin is an upgraded and customized version of Bitcoin initially forked from Litecoin’s source code. Users have very easy access to two wallets (FeathercoinCore and Electrum) that work exactly like Bitcoin , but with faster block processing. In addition to these desktop wallets, Feathercoin is supported by various mobile wallets and blockexplorers.



This one has been around for trading on Bittrex since 2014... A relic.

We traded FTCBTC in the past with no luck if I remember correctly... Maybe its time is close?

Here we have the potential profits from the current price to April's 2016 peak price...
An astonishing 31,794%

Feathercoin (FTCBTC) has been dropping for years, many years, and has no higher highs ever.

When this one takes off, it is likely to go up for longer than anybody can imagine...
Still, there are many more active pairs that are already moving strong.

Currently, EMA50 has been conquered and there is potential for additional growth.

This is not financial advice.
Thanks a lot for the support.

Comment: "This is the first release of the OmniFeather which adds OmniLayer functionality to the Feathercoin blockchain. This allows for the creation of additional assets on the Feathercoin blockchain other than the native feathercoin. Assets can be either managed or have a fixed supply, can be introduced via crowdsale and exchanged via an decentralised exchange built into the OmniFeather protocol.

"For a full list of commands please refer to the documentation below. A website will soon be available outlining some of the basic functions of OmniFeather, the URL will be posted here and announced via social media when available.

"This version is marked as v0.9.0 as that is the version of Omni Core, the Bitcoin based reference implementation of OmniLayer, that has been used for Feathercoin and is currently the latest available version. To see the release history and changes for Omni Core check the link below."

Compatibility with Feathercoin

"OmniFeather is based on Feathercoin 0.18.4 and can be used as replacement for Feathercoin. Switching between Omni Core and Feathercoin may be supported. However, it is not advised to upgrade or downgrade to versions other than Feathercoin 0.18.4. When switching to OmniFeather , it may be necessary to reprocess Omni Layer transactions."
Comment: +69% for Feathercoin.
Just a small drop in a big ocean of potential profits... More to come.

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