Fuel tech continues its descent into hell.

NASDAQ:FTEK   Fuel Tech, Inc
Fuel Tech Inc . is a leading air pollution control company. Fuel Tech Inc . is an internationally based company from Russell 2000.Find out about the company's financial and economic position and its actions. Fuel Tech Inc . is one of the leading technology companies committed to the development of various technological innovations.Contents hide 1 Fuel Tech Core Business2 Why Fuel Tech is a green company3 Air Pollution Control to limit climate changes4 Company’s History5 CEO Vince Arnone biographyThe company is committed to developing, commercialising and applying technologies to regulate air pollution, optimize treatment for durability. Fuel Tech Inc . also offers engineering services along with combustion efficiency services.

This company should benefit from the green economy boom but the stock continues to decline. And I wouldn't like to buy deep.

In this article there are more information about the company.

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