ftm long swing ~

FTX:FTMPERP   Fantom Perpetual Futures
let's try this again :^).

when everyone is fearful, we have to be greedy!

ftm pulled a beautiful impulse the other day, and has retraced back down perfectly after a 5-3-5 correction.

i think it has the potential to pull at least 50% from here, especially if btc is going to see a mean retracement.

during this mean retracement, we may see a little alt season.

higher risk, wider stop, but i have a good feeling about this.

btc still might raid 53k, so be prepared for it.

target = $2.9
Trade active
Comment: Booked some profit here on my leveraged long at +88%
Trade closed manually: I'm exiting earlier than anticipated. Profit is profit in my world.

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