Fantom vs Tether Chart Analysis (FTMUSDT #7)

I think this is the strongest chart I've ever seen... I should say, the healthiest bullish chart.

We have a strong bull trend with healthy corrections and continued higher prices.

It looks similar to many other Altcoins though but more advanced .
If this signals what is to come for the rest of the market then things will be really good.

FTMUSDT next target is set at $3.13 followed by $5. 05 .

Retraces can happen at any after we enter all-time high territory.

If prices break and close below EMA10, then we enter a correction.

After $5. 05 for FTMUSDT , we have $6.98 and $8.17.
This chart is strongly bullish .

The light green lines are for the targets and the light blue squares are for support.

Even if a correction takes place at any moment the bulls remain strong above EMA50 ($0.68).

Really amazing.
Looks great.

Comment: The first target has been hit.

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