Will FTNT drop over next week?

NASDAQ:FTNT   Fortinet, Inc
FTNT has been charging hard this month, but a cooling off period may be in front of us. Six of my algorithms triggered a SELL at the close of the opening bar yesterday. All six signals have never simultaneously signaled SELL at the same time. The last time Algorithm 2 (Buy-Sell-Now-v2) signaled on the FTNT 3 hour chart was 2010.

Like most of my algorithms, they do not identify immediate price reversal. In the current case, the expected delay is between 3 and 4 bars after the signal from yesterday. This means we could see a near-term top this morning. There are two major pockets of tops my programs have found. Even though these are confluence areas, the tops could occur at other price levels.

Pocket 1 is around 171.00 and the second area is around 171.60. After the initial moves up, I am looking at a decline over the next week. A majority of the modeled declines have the bottom around March 1 (in fact most are pointing to the first 3 hours of March 1). There are also two target price pockets for this decline. A majority are around 163.00 and the other is 160.30.

The full analysis and statistics are available for free on my website as usual. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading.

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