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📍 This diagram comes after the conversation with @lu1977hk, and is no more imaginative than the positional flows across the global equity board.

In Italian Equities the initial offensive targets for sellers come in at 18,466; 17,643 and 16,819 from a "fibs perspective". The connection of further downside in European and Global Equities is more or less the same sort of difficulty all round. Think of this like a composer trying to adapt the pianist to enter into the full orchestra. FTSEMIB shorts are another to add to the basket.

French Equities:

German Equities:


The theme appears to be across the board on an epic level, with the whole series of European markets in a downwards move towards support. In reality, however, this manoeuvring shakeout is going to be strategically important from a positioning perspective for when we are loading the lows (we will cover that later in 2021).

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Comment: Spanish Equities: