Cycles Exchange giants FTT (FTX, Alameda Research)+BNB (Binance)

BINANCE:FTTUSD   FTX Token / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Comparative analysis. The main trend of the two exchange coins BNB and Alameda Research, and yes the exchange FTX. The time interval is one month. Logarithm.

Coins of two liquid exchanges: Binance and FTX.
Coinmarketcap: FTX Token
Coinmarketcap: BNB

Here's what it looks like on a line chart of the price.

Is Sam Bankman-Fried a young potential "grandpa" Warren Buffett or a fintech criminal with a life sentence?
Could Alameda replicate the success of Binance, led by future PR wunderkind Sam Bankman-Fried, i.e. a young Warren Buffett? A joke? Ta, no... That's his role after his grandfather died. Or is it? Think about it...

Do you think the pseudo-asset market, the various cryptocurrency scams, can be compared to the tokenized stock market? Can you smell XRP?)

Right now, in 2022, Binance is a mastodon in terms of cryptocurrency trading. Just like Poloniex in 2017).

Think about who is behind companies like Alameda Research? Why are they allowed to do what others are not? Why can some liquidate, ostensibly for their own benefit, entire projects with billions of dollars in capitalization and a community of millions of people with impunity, while others can't even breathe a breath?

Who has the right to pardon or punish? Who can claim such a huge piece of the fat pie as the tokenization of stocks or the materialization of money from nothing (stabelcoins) but the state?

Exchanges. Hype and liquidity. Changing market leaders.
Therefore, for conservative traders and investors, it is more rational to pay attention to the non-random mastodons of the crypto market. But, keep in mind that they tend to gain or lose fat over time. I didn't write about Poloniex as an example for nothing. It's an example of hype and decline from previous times of popularity. In 2017 there was such an influx of traffic to the exchange that it was impossible to trade. Five years later, things have changed. Liquidity flowed to the new mastodon of hype, Binance.

Market cycles of cryptocurrency market spikes/declines.
In the price chart, I have shown the time cycles of the cryptocurrency market. This is probably the most important thing everyone wants to know. Most market participants want to scroll through money and increase the amount available "here and now in the moment" - emptying their pockets. Typically, the market of such "burps up" before the next peak in the cycle. Don't be that kind of person.

Very few people draw conclusions from their previous mistakes. They admit their mistakes and look for ways to solve them, rather than cite randomness. There is no randomness in non-accidental actions.

Notice how the "crypto hamster traffic" has decreased in the market nowadays. I may be writing crudely, but it's understandable. Local reversals occur at times like this.

Major FTT trend

FTT/USD (FTX, Alameda Research). Main Trend.

This is what this zone looks like on the line price chart on a larger scale.

Pay attention to what zone the price is in now and at what values of profit. Take this into account in your trading.

Main trend of BNB.

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